Best Time To Fly-Fish For Trout

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Fishing for trout can be extremely fun throughout the year, but you’re more likely to get a good haul around late spring, especially if you want larger fish. Trout is a rather easily accessible fish around the year, but the warmer it gets, the lower the water levels go. Some even believe the trout get educated about avoiding bait and lures at the end of the season.

Fish feed all day, but there are certain times of the day when they’re more likely to fall for artificial bait. Here’s all you need to know before going on a fly fishing trip in Montana:

How to identify the best time

Fly anglers need to pay close attention to fly hatches. Most hatches occur right as the sun is rising or setting, and if you’re watching the water, it’ll be easy to tell. Any “rises” or splashes on the surface of the water mean that the trout have started feeding on newly hatched flies. You might be in for an extremely entertaining round of fishing during this time!

Are mornings or evenings better?

Fish usually feed in the evenings and mornings. If your target is trout, it’s important to know when the flies will hatch. If you’re fishing during early spring, the flies will hatch when it’s the warmest. This is also going to be true for winters. Predicting the right timing can get more difficult when the weather isn’t super-consistent, such as in the late summer months.

If you’re fishing on a cold spring or winter day, you’re likely to get a catch. While the feeding time might be shorter, there will be more fish feed at the same time.

What about nighttime?

Trout can even bite at nighttime! Some of the most experienced fly anglers have caught their best trout in the darkness. Catching fish while it’s completely dark outside can be an amazing experience—you’d only have your ears and hands to rely on as you listen for the smacking or water or wait for the tugging on your line.

One of the most exciting techniques that you can try at night is called mousing. Bigger trout often look for any fallen prey in the darkness, and you can get a mouse fly to lure them in. If you’re using a mouse pattern, you should try to fish near someplace with reeds since mice often make a splashing sound as they fall in.

Fish Swimming In A River

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