3 Reasons Why You Need To Try Fly Fishing

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Everyone is aware of fishing as a relaxing yet fun activity, but did you know about fly fishing? This form of catching fish involves standing beside or wading into some waist-deep water before casting a lightweight line with a fly into it. Then, the fisherman must mimic the movement of their chosen insect or fly for hours until they get a bite. The game’s aim is to trick any hungry fish into thinking that their prey has landed on the surface of the water and get them to bite the lure. Mastering fly fishing can take years, but anyone can begin!

According to fly fishing guides in Ennis, Montana, here’s why everyone should try it out at least once:

It’s a whole workout

If you go on a fly fishing trip, you’re probably going to spend almost your entire day at your chosen lake or river. This incidental exercise is much better than using the Stairmaster at the stuffy gym for hours on end. Indulge in the beautiful reflections of the lake and the sounds of the trickling water instead! You’ll get more fresh air as well, which will energize and motivate you to keep going.

While it’s perfectly acceptable to fish while on a drift boat, if you really want to get your core exercise in, you can try wading against the current instead.

It’s all about the tactics

A good fisherman can constantly keep analyzing the river’s movements while simultaneously keeping an eye on the local insect and bug life to learn more about the fish’s feeding patterns. You can increase the chances of getting a fish with every single choice that you make—from the fly on your line to the time of day that you’re fishing, everything will make a difference.

Fly fishing can also be described as a big puzzle, where a large part of the enjoyment comes from piecing the game along as you go. Trout tends to get spooked rather easily, so it’s your job to perfectly be able to imitate its food source. Imitating a nymph or cadis is much harder than it might look, which makes the prize even better.

It’s a humbling experience

If you love challenges, especially the outdoors, fly fishing is the ultimate sport for you. However, as a beginner, it’s best not to expect to get the best haul on your first try. This isn’t the kind of sport that you can perfect from the very first day—fly fishing takes a lot of perseverance and practice.

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