Fly Fishing Gear Recommendations

List of recommended fly fishing gear you should bring on your Montana fly fishing trip.

Fishtales Outfitting is happy to provide you with a loaner rod and reel if you don’t own one, just let us know.

The most commonly used fly rod / line combinations for fly fishing in Montana are a 9′ to 9’6″ foot 5 weight or 6 weight rod with a fast to medium fast action, loaded with a weight forward floating line. High winds are standard here so faster action rods are able to drive your cast through the wind with less effort.. A shorter 8′ 6” to 9′ 4 weight rod is also nice for fishing dries on our smaller streams. We find a floating line to be adequate for most fishing situations; however, an intermediate sink tip or type 3/4 sink tip is a good addition for the streamer junkies out there looking for that trophy!

Machined aluminum light weight large arbor reels with ultra smooth drags are no question helpful when landing larger trout but we don’t think spending a bunch of money on a machined reel is ultimately necessary. Reel features don’t matter as much as the quality of the rod because they mostly just hold the line. Most reels will have some sort of drag to help you apply pressure on the fish and to not have the spool overrun. If your reel doesn’t have a drag your guide can teach you how to “palm” the spool to apply pressure on the fish or just use the guide’s gear!

Breathable waders are your best bet when you’re wanting to step in the river and wade fish but not needed if you plan to just fish from the boat. Rain pants are a smart option in case it rains though. Summer temperatures can be pretty warm with many days in the 90’S so you’ll be fine wet wading with river sandals.

Personal Gear List:

⦁ A fly rod and reel. (We have loaner rods if you need one.

⦁ Breathable waders and wading boots if necessary

⦁ Extra layers

⦁ Fishing gloves

⦁ Brimmed hat

⦁ Polarized sunglasses

⦁ Rain gear

⦁ Sunblock

⦁ Insect Repellant

Cool Fly Fishing Products