5 Simple Ways to Spend More Time Outside

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The growing age of electronics has forced people to start appreciating nature more. A gentle, cool breeze, the sound of water hitting the shore, or the smell of freshly blossomed flowers can do wonders for releasing stress and improving your overall well-being. The average adult in the U.S spends almost 90% of their time indoors. If you want to bring some change into your lifestyle, here’s what you can do:

Bike to work

If your workplace is close enough that you can ditch your car or public transport for a few days a week, try biking! It’ll get your heart pumping and provide you with all the energy that you need to have a productive day at work. The fresh air outside will also clear your mind, and you’ll be able to decrease your stress levels by avoiding the usual traffic. Lowering your carbon footprint and saving money on gas might also put your mind more at ease.

Start gardening

You don’t need to become a gardening expert to start your very own garden. Plant some of your favorite seasonal flowers and place them around your entry door or get a wall of herb pots that you can place on your patio to get fresh produce whenever you need it.

You can even get the rest of the family involved by devoting a patch of land in the backyard for growing everyone’s favorite fruits or veggies, or even more flowers. It’ll be a great bonding experience and you’ll get to be surrounded by nature for a few minutes or hours every day.

Go hiking on the weekends

If you live near a hiking trail or can easily drive to one, hiking with your friends or family over the weekend can be an excellent way to destress from the week’s constant activities. It’s an excellent way to reach your weekly exercise goals while exploring the wonders of mother nature.

You can even turn the hiking trip into a game to see who reaches the top first, or see who can collect the most interesting rocks, leaves, or anything else that’s strewn around the area.

Start nature photography

Physical outdoor activities don’t always appeal to everyone. If you’re a fan of taking photographs or have been thinking of picking up this skill, there’s no better place to begin than in nature! Look for brightly colored insects, leaves, birds, and interesting tree limbs and trunks. You can lower your stress levels by focusing on its beautiful aspects.

A Person Holding A Fishing Rod

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