How to Tie Lawson’s Electric Caddis

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Electric caddis nymph trout fly

In this fly tying demonstration video, I show you how to tie Lawson’s Electric Caddis. Another in my video series of easy-to-tie, tried and true patterns that I think should be in every fly fisher’s nymph box.

Lawson’s Electric Caddis was created by famous Henry’s Fork guide and author Mike Lawson to imitate both cased and free swimming Caddis larvae found on The Henry’s Fork, Madison and rivers all over the world. My version incorporates a stronger that is hook less prone to straightening out and a slight variation in body dubbing material using Spirit River’s Psuedo Seal in place of the original dyed Hare’s Ear blend. I like the extra shine in the material as well as the added movement from the slightly spikey pseudo seal dubbing material. That, in combination with the pearl Mylar flashback of this Caddis Larvae pattern, make this fly a winner! We commonly fish this in combination with another fly nymphed deep or on a short leash under an indicator in sizes #14-16. I tie them in cream and bright green sizes #14 and #16.


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