Montana Snow Pack looking great for 2016

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We are happy to report that Montana snow pack is looking great for 2016. As we all know Montana’s reservoirs and rivers, as well as of most of the west depends on good snow pack to feed our rivers and streams and provide cold water for it’s trout throughout the summer.

Most of the Snotel sites across southwest Montana are reporting 100% or better of normal for this time of year thanks to the El Nino that has supplied us with a steady stream of precipitation and snow. Some of the sites are as high as 130% of normal and with the wettest, snowiest part of winter still to come this bodes well for Montana’s trout and it’s angler’s.

Last season, we were challenged with below average snow pack (65 to 70% of normal.) This resulted in river closures and fishing time restrictions due to water temperatures reaching 73* degrees for three consecutive days. We don’t see that happening this year. Big water years are a big boost for the whole ecosystem, not just the fish. All wildlife along our river bottoms benefit from good water throughout the year.

The Snow Covered Madsion Mountains Near Ennis Montana.

Releasing A Big Hole River Brown Trout.

Holding A Salmon Fly On Montana's Big Hole River.


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