Big Hole River Fishing Report 4-28-24

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Big Hole River Fishing Report 4-28-24

The Big Hole River has had its first bit of run-off start its spring roller coaster of flows and visibility. Watch the flows at USGS Real-Time River flows before you go. Hook up the boat and hit it when the flows stabilize and visibility improves to 2 feet or better. It will still have the tea off colored water but it doesn’t need to be perfectly clear. Fishing has still been very good with the higher water that has pushed the fish to the banks. These conditions compress the holding water making it easy to find the water you want to be targeting.

Close Up Shot Of A Nice Big Hole River Brown Trout.

We’re seeing good hatches of March Browns, Blue Winged Olives, and some Skwalas that are making the fish happy and looking up. The Skwalla hatch is more of a lower river hatch from Brown’s Bridge or Glenn and further down-river. The streamer bite is also quite good especially if you have clouds. If you’re looking for those bigger browns, stick with it, it’s more work but the payoff can be worth the effort. Indicator nymphing has been the go-to technique for the best action until you see fish rising. Target the inside edges and seams now that a lot of the fish have moved out of the heaviest water seeking that slower holding water on the banks but the flows are currently not too high to fish those long runs with foam lines on the hard side of the runs. The rule of thumb for dries is ” the foam is home”.


Close-Up Brown Trout On The Big Hole River In Montana.


Here’s a list of some of our favorite patterns for spring fly patterns.


  • Pat’s Rubber Legged Stone in any of the dark colors. Size #8-6.
  • Trout Retriever in black or brown. Size #8-6.
  • San Juan Worm in red burgundy or pink. Size # 10-6.
  • Psycho May in olive. Size # 16-18.
  • Spanish Bullett in olive Size # 16.
  • Perdigon in varous color combonations. Size # 16.
  • Hares Ear Nymph in natural or olive. Size # 16.


Dry flies:

  • Dark Wing Extended body parachute March Brown in olive or brown. Sizes #12-10.
  • March Brown Cripple in olive or brown. Sizes # 12-10.
  • Chubby Chernobyl in various colors. We like the black foam top with peacock dubbing and speckled rubber legs. Olive body and Rust are also good choices. Sizes # 8-10.
  • Bugmeister. Sizes # 8-10.
  • Para-X. Sizes # 8-10.
  • Extended body parachute BWO. Sizes #14-18.
  • BWO cripple. Sizes # 14-18.


  • Yellow Yummy Sizes # 4-8.
  • JJ Special. Sizes # 4-8.
  • Sex Dungeon in yellow, olive or white. Sizes # 4-8.
  • Boogie Man in yellow, olive, or black. Sizes # 4-8.

New regulations require single-hook flies only so cut one hook off on your articulated streamers. Read more about the new  Montana fishing regulations.

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