Beaverhead River Fishing Report 7/31/23

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Brown Trout close-up Big Hole River Fishing Report

Beaverhead River Fishing Report 7/31/23

Beaverhead fishing report. Fishing on the Beaverhead is as good as it gets right now!  PMDs are in full swing and you can but you can also expect to see Yellow Sallies once it gets hotter after lunch. On most days the hatch will start late morning and continue into the afternoon, followed by the Yellow Sallies but the fish will often still prefer the PMD even when the Yellow Sallies hatch is heavier than the PMD’s.. I will often test the fish’s preference by trying a pattern for each bug and then double down on that one once I’ve figured out their pattern preference. If you happen to be there on a cloudy day, you may run into some rising fish but most days are spent nymphing. Most guides fish a “drop shot” “pogo” or “you bangy” nymph rig. Read more about how to tie and use the Drop Shot nymphing rig. The rule of thumb on the Beav is, If you’re not catching fish, add more weight.

Trout Jumping Beaverhead River Montana

Trout Fishing




  • Barr’s Emerger

  • Pheasant tail

  • Frenchie

  • Hunchback Infrequens

                          • Dry Flies:

                            • Extended body parachute

                            • Hackle Stacker

                            • Sparkle Dun

                            • Limestone Cripple

                            • Rusty Spinner

                            • Hunchback Infrequens



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