Spring fly fishing in Montana

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Spring fly fishing in Montana is predicted to be stellar…..southwestern Montana is finally heading into winter, albeit late February.  As the weather proverb goes….”March rushes in like a lion out like a lamb”. Seems we are moving into a lion of a spring which should increase our snow pack. As I sit here watching the snow fall in Sheridan Montana; the ceiling dropping over the Ruby mountains, I know how the weatherman feels. No matter what I write today, I am going to be right sometimes, wrong others.

Snow pack conditions across most of our area are in good shape. After visiting the National Water and Climate Center  we can see that snow pack is at or above average, and it will take a crazy, and somewhat unlikely, turn of events to change the snow pack dramatically. So for now, we predict an average run-off and great summer flows in all of our rivers.

What is spring fishing like in Southwestern Montana; some of the finest! The weather and river conditions vary, hence the saying “Montana, all four seasons in one afternoon”.  Seasoned anglers are prepared for temperatures from 30 to 60, with the possibility of rain, sun, snow and wind.

The benefits of springtime fishing  in Montana …. it is the only time to be here.

  • Uncrowded, it is not uncommon to fly fish the entire day without encountering another angler
  • Water conditions, low and clear
  • Hungry fish, who have not had a fly pulled off their lip in months, are eager (somewhat greedy) takers
  • Pesky bugs are still asleep

It’s often been suggested Montana’s named the Mother’s Day Caddis Hatch in the middle of May so they could savor the weeks proceeding, as their very own.

So come fish with us ~ mention this blog for 10% off spring fishing ~ and experience it for yourself.


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