Missouri River Fishing Report 6/29/24

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Missouri river fishing report 6/29/24. Guide showing us a fat Missouri River Rainbow trout.

Missouri River Fishing Report 6/29/24


If you like dry fly fishing the Missouri River is at its best right now. The much-awaited PMD hatch is in full swing and yes, the fish are looking up for them!  Current flows are a comfy 4340 cfs. Perfect to have enough water on the banks and slow enough for perfect dry fly floats. This is when the famed Missouri offers some of the best dry fly fishing of the season. The Missouri’s wide slick surface lends itself well to dry flies and offers rising fish in many spots. A drift boat will give you more opportunities and better presentations. 

Missouri River Fishing Report

What’s hatching;

PMD’s or Pale Morning Dun is a common western species of mayfly. Pale Morning Duns belong to the family Ephemerall, or ephemeral .a the genus Infrequens, meaning short-lived. The hatch will typically start with a larger size #14 but the size will drop down to a size # 18 towards the end. The hatches are prolific and there will be pods of trout on the flats or along long runs with trout lined up along them waiting to intercept. You’ll also find them sipping in back eddy’s, current seams, and inside edges.

How to catch them:

We position a drift boat anchored upstream and off the fish’s feeding lane. Using a down and across cast with a reach to deliver the fly is the first thing the fish sees, not fly line and leader as you would by casting up and across. A reach mend makes this even more effective as you won’t need to make the mend after the fly has touched down which disturbs the water and drowns the fly if it’s dragged into the correct lane.

The PMD spinner fall can be better than the hatch itself. Use the same techniques with rusty spent PMD spinner patterns to keep fooling them!

What flies to use;

Missouri River Fishing Report

Favorite dry flies:

  • PMD cripple size # 16-18
  • Sparkle Dun size # 14-16
  • PMD Pull Over size #18-16
  • Parachute PMD size # 16-18
  • Rusty spinner size #16-18

Favorite Nymphs:

  • Mitchell split back brown size #18-14
  • Barr’s Emerger PMD size #16-18
  • Hunchback Infrequens size # 16-18
  • Frenchie orange or dirty pink thorax size # 16-18

Missouri River Fishing Report


Happy Client Displays Missouri River Rainbow During Fly Fishing Trip.

A healthy Missouri River rainbow caught on a dry fly.

A Sweet Rainbow Trout Double On The Missouri River.

Doubles are not uncommon if you can hang on for the rodeo!

Missouri River Fishing Report 6/29/24. Guide Showing Us A Fat Missouri River Rainbow Trout.

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