Madison River Fishing Report 5/6/24

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Madison River Fishing Report 5/6/24

The Madison River is still fishing quite well even though flows are up just a bit from 1000 cfs to 1350 cfs. It’s always good to check streamflows before you go fishing this time of year. Run-off will start getting sporty soon and you’ll want to know before you go. There’s nothing worse than traveling to fish a river only to find it blown out and unfishable. This Madison River Fishing Report for 5/6/24 is excited to say The Madison is in good shape and fishing well. Caddis are in full swing on the lower river below Ennis Lake and clouds of caddis are bringing many fish to the surface to greet them. Upriver, Rubberleg Stonefly nymphs, and smaller droppers are the name of the game. The fish are chasing streamers pretty well when the weather is cooperative, is bringing cooler temps and of course, clouds. 


Indicator nymphing will be your best bet right now. Set up your leader with a short leash. Use your larger fly, such as a rubber leg stone fly nymph as your first or point fly and your smaller nymph either off the bend of the hook or eye to eye of the flies.

A Nice Madison River Brown Trout About To Be Released.

Cast perpendicular to the boat when floating and up and across if you’re wade fishing. Mend as needed while dead drifting your flies, watch your indicator for any movements, and set the hook when you do. If you are fishing with a Caddis dropper, we recommend you let your flies swing at the end of your drift as Caddis flies emerge pretty quickly and this emergent movement will sometimes trigger a strike.


Here’s a list of some of our favorite patterns for this time of year.

Caddis Dry Flies;

  • Elk Hair Caddis olive or tan sizes # 16-14.
  • X – Caddis in tan or olive sizes # 16-14.


  • Pat’s Rubber leg Stone Fly Nymph –  in black, brown, mocha latte, or olive sizes # 6 – 8.
  • San Juan Worm in red, burgundy, or pink sizes # 6 – 10
  • Three Dollar Dip in red or olive sizes # 14 -16.
  • Perdigon in various color combinations sizes # 14 – 16.
  • Sparkle Pupa – olive or tan sizes # 14 -16.
  • Iris Pupa – tan or olive sizes # 14 – 16.
  • Electric Caddis in olive or tan sizes # 14 -16.
  • Holy Grail Caddis in green sizes # 14 -16.


  • Sex Dungeon in olive, black, white or other dark combinations sizes # 4 – 8.
  • Boogie Man in olive, black, white or other dark color combinations size # 4 – 8.
  • Cheech Leech in white, black, tan or olive sizes # 4 – 8.
  • Mini Loop Sculpin in natural, or olive size # 4.
  • Trevors Sculpin in black, olive or white size # 4.

For more Madison River Fishing Reports a more thorough list of dry flies, nymphs and streamers check out our blog.

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