March 2013 Big Hole River Fishing Report

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A massive Beaverhead brown Montana's best fly fishing

Big Hole Fishing Report 3-28-13

Fishtales Big Hole Fishing report for March 28, 2013: Currently 449cfs at Melrose USGS,  the Big Hole River has stabilized after a slight spike due to an ice jam flow. The river prime for some epic spring fly fishing. The visibility in the Melrose to Glen reaches at 4-5 feet. Closer to Twin Bridges visibilty may be more likely 3-4 feet.

Nymphing is productive as always but a single stonefly pattern, at times been more productive than a two fly rig. Try a Pat’s #6-8 rubberleg brown stone. If the single fly doesn’t get favorable response adding a dropper will do the trick, try a red san jaun worm #10-14 or a soft hackle pheasant tail #10-14.

Streamer fishing is still my favorite and really starting to heat up. Try a Yellow Yummie or Wooley Bugger in yellow/olive or JJ Special.

Fish are eating midges if you want play the ‘midge game’, it’s just not mine. Try a Grifith’s Gnat #16-20. But I’m sure most readers of this Big Hole Fishing Report are eager to learn of the first sighting of skwalla’s on the river. Well, we have seen a few and we’re starting to catch trout on the dry! I like a #10-12 Chubby Chernobly in tan or olive or the old standby Black Magic.

If you are looking to go fishing on the Big Hole, check our Big Hole Fishing trips. A Happy angling and be aware that rainbow’s are in full spawn so keep your eyes open for redd’s and stay clear!


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