Tying the Beadhead Prince Nymph

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In this fly tying video tutorial I demonstrate how to tie the Beadhead Prince Nymph, another pattern in our basic fly tying video series of tried and true, easy-to-tie patterns that you should never step into the stream without.

The original pattern, called The Brown Forked Tail, was created by Doug Prince in the thirties but eventually took the name The Prince Nymph. It has become one of the world’s most common and productive nymph patterns. I believe it represents many Stonefly species but it also works well as general attractor pattern, as it works great even when Stoneflies aren’t present.

In this video I tie the more widely popular Beadhead version, which adds some weight to the fly to help it get down in the water column where most nymphing activity occurs. You can also add additional wraps of lead if your fishing in deeper, faster water.

Starting with a 7/64’s gold bead slid on the size #14 hook I anchor 6/0 thread to the hook shank behind the bead and wrap rearward halfway between the hook point and the barb. I then add a small thread dam to help split and splay the brown goose biot tails. Then tying in small gold or silver oval tinsel as a rib and to add strength to the rather fragile Peacock herl. I then tie in a small bunch (five or six strands) of Peacock herl at the rear of the abdomen. I like to twist the thread bobbin around the Peacock herl to add even more strength and make wrapping the herl easier. Wrap the Peacock herl forward behind the bead leaving enough room to add the hackle and wing biots. Then wrap the tinsel rib forward over the Peacock in five or six turns behind the bead. Then tie in a Badger, Furnace or mottled brown hen hackle by the root of the stem sized appropriately for the hook and wrap three or four turns behind the bead and trim the remainder. Lastly, tie in two white goose biots splayed over the back of the fly to represent the wing cases and wrap a small, neat head. Wrap a small neat head, whip finish and add couple drops of head cement.

A Completed Beadhead Prince Nymph


Hook; Daiichi 1560 or equivilent size #6-18

Bead; gold 7/64 or size to match hook

Thread; Veevus 6/0 black

Tails; brown goose biots

Rib; small gold oval tinsel

Peacock herl

Hackle; Badger, Furnace or mottled brown hen

Wing case; white goose biots

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