Ruby River Fly Fishing Trips


The crown jewel of Montana dry fly rivers!


The Ruby River is another dry fly fishers purists paradise, perhaps more so than any other of our rivers due to its fantastic wade fishing for wild, dry fly eating wild brown trout! Its perfect riffle, corner pool characteristic afford the dry fly purist the classic up-stream approach to it’s endless trout filled pools and solitude and no boat ramps means no boats rowing through your water. Book one of our Ruby River fly fishing trips and experience the fantastic fishing, solitude and incredible beauty for yourself!


Along with the incredible fishing, you’ll also enjoy the incredible scenery. A truly beautiful Montana alpine valley view surrounds the upper river.

Originating in the Gravelly Range, the upper Ruby is a freestone river before it settles and flows into  the Ruby Reservoir. Characterized by short riffled corners, plunge pools and boulder runs, the upper Ruby has more pocket water than downriver. Abundant hatches of PMD’s, Yellow Sallies, and Caddis are standard but the Ruby’s hottest action would be mid to late summer when the river larger browns are really looking for ‘hoppers; explosive strikes make for truly exciting fly fishing!



Ruby River Fly Fishing Trips
Trout Jumping Ruby River Montana
The lower Ruby is a western tailwater. She has prolific and predictable hatches of caddis, mayflies, and stoneflies all providing food for its healthy trout population. Near the dam, you will catch more rainbows than browns on small Beatis and Caddis nymphs, while the lower stretches are home to mostly brown trout. The lower Ruby is home to larger trout than the upper river that also love to eat dry flies! The Ruby below the dam has a short canyon section that has more large rocks and boulders and good pocket water  As The Ruby flows through the valley floor it enters more cattle ranching country with curvy grassy banks. In many pools it fishes like a spring creek with lots of overhanging willows and cut banks. Its easily-waded gravel bottom is perfect for the wade angler. These trout make aggressive surface strikes and are hard fighting all the way to the net.

Recommended Flies

Dry Flies

Elk Hair Caddis
Yellow Stimulator
Parachute Adams
Royal Wulff


Pheasant Tail
Prince Nymph
Copper John


Wooley Bugger
Yuk Bug
Yellow Yummie
Lyle’s Choice