Missouri River Fly Fishing Trips


Montana’s best tailwater!

The Missouri River is a fly anglers’ paradise. This tailwater fishery in central Montana is world-famous for its large, hard-fighting rainbows and browns. The “Mighty Mo” is a bug factory with hatches sometimes so prolific that it’s worth it just to be there and see it for yourself. While much of the time is spent nymphing the deeper runs to get numbers of fish (some years as many as 5k per mile) the savvy dry fly fisherman can have outstanding days in late June through October, targeting pods of risers. This is very technical and rewarding fishing. Streamer fishing can also have its time on the Mo and can bring jaw-dropping specimens to hand under the right conditions. The average size trout in the Mo is 15″ to 18″ with many pushing the 22″ mark and the occasional brown trout in the lower reaches may be as big as your leg! If this river isn’t on your bucket list, then you need to add it. Join us on one of our Missouri River fly fishing trips and see for yourself why its many an anglers favorite river!

The Missouri River or “Mo” as it’s called locally is a large western tailwater varying from 100 to 300 feet in width. Its famous fishing starts below Holter Dam where a staggering number of wild rainbow and brown reside. The size of the Mo no question demands a drift boat to cover its deep, slick spring-creek-like runs. You’ll see much more water to present your fly which increases your opportunities to catch fish.

Missouri River
Long-Deep-Spring Brown Trout Streamers

The Missouri River hatch list includes blanket hatches of Mother’s Day Caddis, Pale Morning Duns, Yellow Sallie’s, Baetis, Tricos, and later in the summer hoppers.

The Missouri River is a dry fly fishers paradise. Its technical dry fly fishing and more advanced casting technique demand precision and patience. Whether its foam lines and back eddies of rising trout to PMD’s or pods of risers to Tricos in late summer offer technical dry fly fishing for the more advanced angler. Nymphing is very productive on The Missouri. Dead drifting little nymphs and sow bugs through its deep runs produces plenty of impressive trout.

Recommended Flies

Dry Flies

Elk Hair Caddis
PMD Pull Over, PMD cripple, Rusty spinners
Blue Winged Olive extended body parachute,
BWO cripple, Trico adults and spinners



Sow Bug, Ray Charles
Split Back may fly olive and brown
Czech Nymph
Hunchback Infreqeuens
Psycho May
San Juan Worm
Copper John
Pat’s Rubber Leg Stonefly Nymph
Hare’s Ear Nymph


Boogie Man
Sparkle Minnow
Sex Dungeon