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Madison had reached legendary status for every fly fisherman, and deservedly so. A blend of freestone and tailwater, its hatches are impressive: swarms of Mother’s Day caddis, PMDs, terrestrials, and the mighty Salmon Fly are all on the menu for these hungry trout. This legendary River ranks as one of the top fishing spots for trophy trout fly fishing in Montana and features a beautiful fishing setting.

Fish large brown trout and rainbow trout here and enjoy a one-of-a-kind adventure with our experienced, fun, and friendly Madison River fly fishing guides. The prime fishing water surrounded by a picturesque view makes Maddison one of the most stunning, prettiest rivers in all of Montana.

So, even if you’re not successful with catching a trout or two, you’ll still be able to enjoy the spectacular view, especially with a personalized tour with our Madison River fly fishing guide. If you’re ready to explore Madison, join Fishtales Outfitting today for a fantastic fly fishing day.

With 5000+ browns and rainbows per mile in the Pine Butte section and 2500+ residing in its swift currents throughout the rest of the river, the Madison is stuffed with wild trout.

The Madison may look like a simple float and cast-to-the-bank river, but truly she is the siren of Southwest Montana’s rivers. To uncover her secrets takes time, discipline, and many years of experience. The guides at FishTales Outfitting know this well and they’ll prove it to you by coaxing impressive trout from lies that you would think no sizable trout would ever think to call home.

The Madison River is born inside Yellowstone Park at the junction of the Gibbon and Firehole Rivers. It flows 140 miles due north, where it is joined by the Gallatin and Jefferson Rivers to form the Missouri River in Three Forks Montana.

Brown Trout close-up
Man fly fishing

It’s from Lyon’s Bridge down to Ennis that many anglers have nicknamed “The Fifty Mile Riffle”. The braided water below Varney Bridge, through the Valley Garden into Ennis Lake, is very different from the single-channel river above, with countless side channels and out-of-the-way spots for large, wild trout to hide.

The Madison River enters Ennis Lake – formed by the dam built in 1906 – then rips through the seven-mile Bear Trap Canyon Wilderness Unit. Finally, flowing northward another 28 miles to meet the Gallatin and Jefferson Rivers in Three Forks to form the Missouri River. Join FishTales Outfitting for a fantastic Madison River fly fishing trip that you’ll never forget!

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Chubby Chernobyl
Elk Hair Caddis
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Iris Caddis
Parachute Adams
Royal Wulff
CDC Cinnamon Flying Ant


Pheasant Tail
Prince Nymph
Copper John


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Mini-Loop Sculpin
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