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The Blackfoot River is a fishing paradise that belongs on every fisherman’s bucket list. It’s a true classic western freestone river with impressive hatches like the Giant Salmon Fly, Golden Stones, PMDs, terrestrials, and more. Approaching the Blackfoot River, you’ll be greeted by huge boulders, steep ledges, and ripping, swirling water that seems to scream that an abundance of trout lives here.

If you want some excellent brown trout and rainbow trout, this is the spot to fish them with our Blackfoot river fishing guide. The pleasant fishing environment along with relaxing scenic views will make your fishing experience exceptional. Since the Blackfoot river has good water access and is very long, it keeps the fly fishing pressure down to manageable levels.

If you’re new to this or want to experience fishing as a tour, you should come to fish the Blackfoot River with Fishtales Outfitting today. Our Blackfoot river fishing guide will provide you with an adventure that’ll make you come back every year.

The Blackfoot River or as it’s sometimes called the Big Blackfoot to distinguish it from the Little Blackfoot in western Montana near Missoula is a truly special place. The Nez Perce of Idaho found this route as the way to the Upper Missouri Basin to hunt buffalo. The Nez Perce name for the Blackfoot is Cokahahalishkit which means river of the road to buffalo. A diverse and dynamic fishery fed by snowpack and springs with all of the main trout species present. Depending on the time of year, you have a shot at a
Blackfoot “Grand Slam” catching a rainbow, cutthroat, brown, brook, cut-bow.

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The Blackfoot is characterized by large boulders and pocket water that’s stuffed with wild trout and offers an exciting float trip with outstanding hopper/dropper fishing throughout the summer. Many reaches of the Blackfoot River offer a beautiful wilderness setting with little development on its banks, plenty of wildlife, great trout fishing, and gorgeous scenery to add to the experience!

Recommended Flies

Dry Flies

Rogue River Salmon Fly
Chubby Chernobyl
Elk Hair Caddis
Goddard Caddis
Iris Caddis
Parachute Adams
Royal Wulff
CDC Cinnamon Flying Ant


Pheasant Tail
Prince Nymph
Copper John


Mini-Loop Sculpin
Trevor’s Sculpin
Whitlock’s Hare Sculpin
Wooley Sculpin