Big Hole River Fly Fishing Trips

Fly Fish The Big Hole

The Big Hole River’s grassy meadows, mountainous horizon, wide-open spaces, braids and islands in between classic riffles littered with hanging cottonwoods are gorgeous to first-time explorers. Our Big Hole River fly fishing trips are fun filled and relaxing.

With its blue-ribbon trout streams, slow-moving pools, sharp turns overlooking thick forests and lush green agricultural fields, and rich wildlife, the river is a favorite spot for fishing with guides and clients. Once it leaves the mountains, the river spills into a valley and merges with the Beaverhead River.

Big Hole River is the ultimate spot for blue-ribbon trout fishing. The river is home to a variety of trout, including wild trout, rainbow trout, and brown trout. Strict fishing regulations maintain fly fishing quality and keep the fishing pressure tolerable.

So, if you’re up for the fishing trip of your life, take our fly fishing guide and explore the prettiest river in all of Montana.

No matter the time of the year, world class fishing can be found along the Big Hole’s 160 gracefully winding miles, where trophy browns and rainbows, and Fluvial Arctic Grayling lie in wait.

From early season pre run-off action that’s fast and furious on streamers and nymphs, to picture perfect summer-time dry flies. And of course, radiant September and October, when solitude and ravenous kype-jawed browns await you! 

The upper Big Hole meanders its way through several grassy meadows brimming with brook trout, rainbows and the last wild population of Arctic fluvial grayling in the US – all eager risers to your favorite dry fly. We’ve heard from more than one grinning client, “This is exactly what I imagined a Montana trout river would be like.”

Trout Fishing
Salmon Fly

As the Big Hole enters the canyon stretches, it changes drastically in surroundings and gradient. Here, grassy meadows give way to house-size boulders hiding some 1500 to 2000 browns and rainbows per mile and some of our favorite ‘pocket water’. The hatch list, too long to cover it all, includes Mother’s Day Caddis, Salmon flies and Hoppers.

Wildlife is abundant along its entire length. It is not uncommon to see Golden eagles, White-tailed deer, and moose all in the same day. Further down, the river begins to slow.

The Big Hole eventually merges with the Beaverhead River just north of the town of Twin Bridges, forming the Jefferson River. Bluebird days and Hoppers; or clouds and streamers, the Big Hole is a river that everyone enjoys!

Recommended Flies

Dry Flies

Elk Hair Caddis
Rogue River Salmon Fly
Parachute Adams
Chubby Chernobyl
Purple Haze
Sparkly Dun


Pheasant Tail
Prince Nymph
Copper John
Pat’s Rubber Leg Stonefly Nymph
Hare’s Ear Nymph


Yellow Yummie
Lyle’s Choice
Boogie Man
Sex Dungeon