Madison River Fishing Report 8/19/13

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  • Currently flowing 809cfs A near Cameron, a bit low but not bad considering other area rivers.
  • Visibility- good
  • The Madison from the wade sections around Three Dollar Bridge to Varney Bridge and down into Ennis Lake have been fishing well.
  • Nymphing a two fly rig the standard best bet for catching fish. Fish the head of the run’s especially hard as fish move into the fastest water seeking colder water for oxygen. The deeper green water right down the middle is where you’ll find the bigger trout right now.
  • Best nymph’s– Stonefly pattern’s in black, brown, olive or combinations have been catching fish the most consistently. Tie a dropper of 12 to 15″ off the bend of the hook and add a smaller nymph like a size #16 soft hackle Pheasant Tail, Bead Head Prince or one of the guide’s favorites a Gold Lightning Bug or CDC Spanker. Other dropper’s to try would include a size#16 Shop Vac or Serendipity in olive.
  • The dry game has been hit and miss, some summer stones early in the am. We’re catching some fish on Cinnamon flying ants in the flats, hoppers later in the day in the side channels below Varney Bridge.
  • Best Dry flies– size#10-12 Chubby Chernobyl, size #14 CDC Cinnamon ant, size#14 Royal Wulff or H&L Variant, size #10 Morrish hopper in yellow or tan.
  • Streamer bite has been good mostly in the am, or if your lucky enough to be around when a storm rolls through.
  • Best streamers- size#4 Sheila, Olive mini-loop Sculpin
  • For more information on fishing trips on The Madison River please contact FishTales Outfitting.

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