How to Tie the Beadhead Serendipity

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In this fly tying video tutorial I demonstrate how to tie The Beadhead Serendipity. Another in our video series of easy to tie, tried and true classics that every fly tier should know how to tie and every angler should carry in his or her fly box.

Created by fly tier and Madison River guide Ross A. Maragold, also known for inventing the RAM Caddis. This pattern was devised to imitate Caddis and Midge larvae found in the lakes and river’s in and around southwest Montana. In 1988 Maragold showed the fly to famous West Yellowstone fly tier/author and guide Craig Mathew’s of Blue Ribbon Flies who then made it popular among fly fishers. The original tie didn’t include a bead and the spun deer hair head was incorporated to provide some flotation when trout are eating emergers in the surface film.  A twisted Z-lon or straight fiber Antron abdomen replaced the original design of floss and gold wire as I use in this version. The pattern is typically deep nymphed in tandem with another pattern under an indicator with spilt shot to help get and keep the fly down. More recent versions include The Crystal ‘Dip and The Three Dollar ‘Dip that incorporate Krystal Flash Wing and rib for added flash and attraction. I tie these in a variety of colors including olive, tan and red in sizes #14-18.


  •        Daiichi 1150 #14-18
  •         3/32 gold bead
  •         Veevus 6/0 rusty brown
  •         Z-lon or Antron-cream
  •         Hare’s Ear blend
  •         Deer or Elk hair

The Beadhead Serendipity Nymph Recipe

You can find the materials to tie this pattern at Feather-Craft Fly Fishing or your local fly shop.

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