Beaverhead River Fishing Report FishTales Outfitting 6/26/2013

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Madison River Fishing Report 8/19/13
  • Currently flowing 655 cfs at Barretts
  • Visibility – good

The Beaverhead River here in southwest Montana has been fishing extremely well and although nymphing is the M.O. below the dam , fish are eating dries further down.

Lower than normal flow’s have made for some fantastic wade fishing and better than normal landing ratios.

Plenty of foot soldiers hanging around Buffalo Bridge so if your floating you’ll find elbow room below High Bridge and less picky fish.


There are Beatis in the mid morning’s and some PMD’s starting to show up along Yellow Sallie’s and caddis fairly thick A late in the day for the patient dry fly fisherman!

  • Best nymphs
    • Splitback’s in olive and brown #16–22
    • Barr’s emerger size #18-20
    • Yellow Sallie’s size #16-18
    • Serendipity green and tan size #16-18
  • Best streamers
    • Zonker in natural olive and white size#4-6
    • Mini Loop Sculpin in natural and olive size#4
    • Wooley Bugger in black or olive or brown size#4-8
  • Best dries
    • Extended body parachute Beatis size#20-22
    • CDC Beatis emerger size # 18-22
    • PMD Limestone cripple size #18-20
    • PMD Sparkle Dun size #18
    • PMD Spent Spinner size #18-20
    • Yellow Stimulator #18
    • Elk Hair Caddis #16-18


Happy angling!

For more information on fishing trips on The Beaverhead River please contact FishTales Outfitting.


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