Beaverhead River Fishing Report 6/1/13

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Currently flowing 230 cfs out of Clark Canyon Dam The Beaverhead River is a little lower than usual due to a lack of need of irrigation and pretty good recent rain fall, but expect the flows to start going up along with the temperature and demand for more water.

  • Visibility – good 3+ feet
  • The Beaverhead River here in southwest Montana has been fishing extremely well and we’re catching fish not surprisingly nymphing and when there is cloud cover, the streamer bite has been good along with some fish rising sporadically to midges and beatis and caddis later in the day especially if its warm.
  • Best nymphs
    • Pheasant Tail, Flashback Pheasant Tail size#16-20
    • Mercer’s Micro Mayfly in brown or olive size#16-18
    • Olive Flashback WD40 size#18
    • LGF in olive size#18-20
    • Mitchell’s Splitback in olive or brown size#18-20
    • Sow Bugs in grey pink and orange size#16-18
    • Ray Charles in grey orange or tan #16 or #18
    • Black Zebra midge size #18 or #20
    • Cranefly Larva size# 8
  • Best streamers
    • Zonker in natural olive and white size#4-6
    • Kiwi Muddler in natural or yellow size#4-6
    • Mini Loop Sculpin in natural and olive size#4
    • Wooley Bugger in black or olive or brown size#4-8
  • Best dry flies

    • olive extended body parachute size#18-20
    • Parachute Adams size#18-20
    • Elk Hair Caddis sie#16-18

Happy angling!

For more information on fishing trips on The Beaverhead River please contact FishTales Outfitting.


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