Beaverhead River Fishing Report 5-8-14

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Beaverhead River Fishing Report 5-8-14


  • Clark Canyon Dam 77 cfs
  • Barrett’s 241 cfs
  • Dillon 110 cfs


  • Fair slightly green.
  • 2+ feet and improving

The Beaverhead River is closed to fishing from Clark Canyon Dam Spillway FAS (Fishing Access Site) downstream to Pipe Organ FAS until the general season opener on Saturday May 17th. The Beaverhead River is open to fishing from Pipe Organ FAS downstream to it’s confluence with the Jefferson River. Flows have started being stepped up as irrigitors have begun calling for water. Fishing has been good and improving every day. Clark Canyon Creek was adding some mud but it has started to clear. Grasshopper Creek has also started to clear downriver improving the visibility and the angling down to Barrett’s FAS.



  • Nymphing a two fly rig under a strike indicator with a drop shot leader is usually the way to go. Midge patterns, Beatis nymphs and scuds are catching trout.
  • Tailwater Tiny, Micro May, Psycho May, Barr Emerger or Mitchell BWO Splitback size #14-18. Soft Hackle Sowbug’s, Ray Charles in orange and pink size #16-18. Rainbow Warrior’s San Juan worms in red or pink # 14-12 when the water is off color.


  • The steamer fishing has been pretty good as water temps have been reaching up into the upper 40’s.
  • I prefer a fast to medium fast strip and pause retrieve with an aggressive jump and pause type action. We’re catching trout on Wooley Sculpin’s, Zuddlers, Conehead Krystal Bugger’s, JJ Special’s, Zonkers size #2-6.
  • The color recommendations for streamers is all over the spectrum. I like yellow, olive,  yellow and olive combinations, white and black. Check out my Top 10 Streamers for SW Montana for a more thorough list of recommended streamers.


  • Baetis hatching in the afternoons and you can expect to find fish rising to them along foam lines and back eddy’s and on soft inside edges.
  • Try a Sparkle Dun, or CDC Dun, Parachute Adams, in olive or grey size # 16-18. A dropper should increase your odds. Try a Micro May, Psycho May size #16-18.
  • Caddis are starting to show up on warmer days, just in time for Mother’s Day.
  • Try an Elk Hair Caddis, X Caddis with a Mathew’s Iris Caddis or Lafontaine’s Sparkle Pupa tied off 10 or 12” below your dry fly
  • Expect to use 5x or lighter tippet due to the low water.

TIPS : The Beaverhead River receives a fair amount of angling pressure and the trout will let you know when you haven’t presented your fly properly by refusing it. If your presentations are refused, rest the fish, change the pattern and try again!  Also, the rainbow trout are in full spawn this time of year so if you see patches of bright gravel stay clear!

For more information on The Beaverhead River and guided fishing trips on the Beaverhead River please contact FishTales Outfitting.


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