The Legendary Montana Rivers We Fish.

The Rivers We Fish

Montana has long been synonymous with great fly fishing. Southwest Montana and its Upper Missouri River drainages are considered the most diverse, beautiful, and productive rivers anywhere in the country. From its big freestone rivers like the Big Hole, Yellowstone, and the Jefferson, mid-sized rivers like the Gallatin to technical tailwater like the Beaverhead and Madison, and great wade fishing options on the Ruby River; opportunities for fantastic trout fishing are endless.

Big Hole River fishing report

Close your eyes and dream up the perfect trout river. The Big Hole is that river. The quintessential freestone trout stream.

Montana's best fly fishing

Its small size can be deceiving. This is a classic western tailwater with one of the highest densities of trout in the country.

Madison river fishing report

The legendary “Fifty Mile Riffle” evokes a deep connection with anglers and this river’s status is cemented as the most legendary of all western trout rivers.

Jefferson River fishing report

A river for the solitude-loving angler who also seeks a picturesque setting and a chance at true trophy trout.

Ruby River fishing report

A phenomenal dry fly river with no boat ramps, thereby offering wade anglers access to seemingly endless numbers of undisturbed trout-filled pools.

Montana Big Hole River fly fishing.

A large freestone river with breathtaking views of  Paradise Valley and outstanding trout fishing that holds some of the largest brown trout in the state.

Madison River Foundation

FishTales Outfitting LLC is a licensed Outfitter with the State of Montana's Board of Outfitters
and Permittee for the Madison, Big Hole and Beaverhead Rivers.

Big Hole River Foundation
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