Madison River Fishing Report 6-29-16

Madison River Fishing Report 6-29-16

The Madison River’s fabled Salmon Fly hatch is still going strong on the upper river from Palisades to Storey Ditch and we’re catching some great trout on the big dry! The big bugs are already hatched below from Storey Ditch to Ennis. The dry fly bite has been hot and cold though, so be ready for some dry spells. Some zones are just more active than others. When the dry bite cools off, I like to have an extra rod ready with a pair of small beadhead nymphs or a bunny Sculpin and a beadhead fished tigthline, no bobber. Along with the Salmon Flies, Yellow sallies are hatching in clouds as the temperatures warm up mid day. Later in the day as the Yellow Sallies slow down, Caddis are the main surface food but the tight-lined bunny and a beadhead are tough to beat.

FLOWS: Hebgen Dam 560 cfs

Kirby Ranch 770 cfs

Varney Bridge 1,060 cfs

WATER CONDITIONS: A slightly green color still but good at 2-3 feet


A pair of giant salmonflies

DRY FLIES: Sofa Pillow size #4

Rogue Stone size #4-6

Galloup’s Salmon Fly size #4-6

Chubby Chernobyl Pteronarcys size #4-6

Stimulator yellow size #12-14

Elk Hair Caddis tan or olive size #14



NYMPHS: Pat’s Rubber Legs black, brown, olive, tan size #4-6

Psycho Prince orange, dirty pink or green size #12-14

Lightning bug silver or gold size #14-16

CDC Spanker’s in Pheasant tail, silver or red size #14-16

Lawson’s Electric Caddis green size #14-16


Resting a heavy shouldered Madison River brown as he was released.

STREAMERS: Mini-Loop Sculpin olive or natural size #4

Sheila Sculpin size #4

Trevors Sculpin olive or grey size #4

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