Tying The Pat’s Rubber Legs Stone

Tying The Pat’s Rubber Legs Stone

In this video tutorial I instruct you how to tie The Pat’s Rubber Legs Stone, another in our video series of easy to tie, tried and true fly patterns every fly fisher should know how to tie and always have in your fly box.

Pat Bennet is credited for creating this rock solid fly pattern to represent the many Stone Fly species found in his local rivers and around the world. A variation on the classic Girdle Bug, Pat incorporated Sexy Floss instead of the standard white rubber legs that tend to rot over time. This is a great searching pattern even when stone flies are not hatching, as many species such as the Pteronarcys Californica or Giant salmon fly, gestate for three to four years, making them available as year round trout food.

A Pat's rubber legs stone in black


Umpqua U302 #10-4

Veevus 6/0 black

.035 lead 10-12 wraps

Chenille large black

MFC Sexy-Floss brown

I start by wrapping ten to twelve turns of .035 lead around the hook shank at the thorax, then tying sections of Sexy Floss for the tails, legs and antennae. Next, I attach a piece of chenille at the rear of the hook shank halfway between the hook point and the barb. Then, wrap the thread forward and set a couple of half hitches behind the eye to keep the thread put. Next, I wrap the chenille forward through the legs and tie off behind the eye. Last, tie a small neat head, whip finish and add a couple drops of head cement and your good to go!

A beautiful rainbow trout that couldn't resit a Pat's Rubber Legs


The technique for fishing the Pats Rubber Legs Stone is typically deep nymphing under an indicator. Casting up and across above the suspected lie, mending your line upstream to eliminate any drag as the fly drifts.

For the materials to tie this fly visit Feather Craft Fly Fishing or your local fly shop.  If you’d like to check out more of our instructional videos you can view all of them here.  We think you’ll especially like the video on tying the Conehead JJ’s Special or the Fish Head Sparkle Minnow.

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